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Webtv/MsnTV people if you see ads and have some printing to do, take a retrograde back to the printer friendly 2.8.2 client build. I am on this version and none of the free web page providers that I have my web sites on display ads to me!

When you are done printing, you can change back to a higher version of your client build if you want.

An informative list of web/msnTV upgrades:

Vortex Client build info Retograde Info

TyHart's retograde page


Printing with msn/webtv

Bingo Cards

The Sign Factory v2.0

PC people, The sign site may show an ad on its index page, but all the signs are just images and are ad free, on either version.

Either version of the bingo cards web site has links to zipped files: the cards 1 to 50 reg, 1 to 50 large font, and 51 to 100 large font, plus the extras-> bingo caller grids, numbers to cut out and draw from a bag etc.....

Some items like the "good morning this is God", the stress relief pages (from printing with webtv) again ads on the index or link page, not on the printable itself.

hope that helps


The Updated
Printing With WebTV

These Information Pages by George Casey
FAQ's (updated) news:alt.discuss.webtv.printerhelp site
Maintenance Printers (updated) Word Processing
Tips Image Manipulation Supplies
These Links Pages by George Casey
Calendars Coupons Documents and Forms
E-Cards Graphics to Print Holiday Printables
Kids Misc Printing Items Printable Picture Sites
Built with webtv Regular vs. photo paper Ink Consumption

New Pages

Not _all_ are printing sites, but hey, while you are here:)

The following pages were made by eric (aka toodizzy) to supplement the pages made by George Casey, that are listed above.

Three different versions of the popular "Good morning, this is God" posters are on the my magick creations page.

The Sign Factory v2.0

90+ different signs in English and Spanish versions with easy directions to change the color of the text
Sign Sites: Interactive and Pre-Made How to use MagickStudio to make signs How to use My Imager to make signs
MagickStudio Help Links My Magick creations Charts Grids and Tables
Frames and Borders Signs with borders, and frames Why I dis wtv
Creating a business letter using tables Men are Dogs:)(humor) A kinda IQ test
A Riddle:) Differences between pigment and Dye Ink Example of a help folder (697C)
My tee shirt info Two years of favorites My ancient first help site
Multi User FKey Grid Keyboard Grid, cleaning, alt & cmd codes, typing tutorials and tests, etc 7 day planner
Primitive length of page checker v1 A nice printable weekly planner primitive length checker v2
Itched to death (humor) The Ice Cream Shoppe (humor) I know Jack Schitt (humor)
A review of the Omdev Adaptor On-line Coupon sites Net4TV Articles
Pixel sizes, wtv info Reasons for slowness Create A clipboard
A new pagebuilder trick White and Black Lines The original FeMaster Posts, how to address no 10 envelopes using the envelope slot.
All the Different ways to frame or border an image, plus the new tile feature at IM Magick Studios own help pages ehow wtv help pages
Hewlett Packard's Q&A Cafe's FAQ's (all info from HP, copied with permission) reserved reserved

Many troubles reported using URL's some sites will not let you to view an image at all any longer, if the image is not on a webpage. Try this: If you get an error message click your go to and show last and try hitting go to page again. Wtv has always been "balky" getting to pages just try again and again if you are sure the addy is correct.

Pages slightly updated, to reflect changes the last three updates have brought about.

These pages should help you answer any printing question or problem after you first try the webtv help pages, then go to the main site (the pc version) of your printers manufacturer, and read all the pages about your model although 99% of the info will not pertain to you, a few useful tid bits will. You will find pages about cleaning and other good info. Start a folder and save the pages that pertain to your printer, then you will have your own knowledge base. See my example of 697C info.

Compatible Printers

Check the "official" wtv listing of compatible printers, at the corporate site Note, these pages may not reflect which version of the wtv browser that you are using, like 2.6.1 or 2.4. Checking the printers listed in your Help Section may give you a better idea of which printers you can use. An example when I had retrograded to the 2.4 version, Lexmark, and Epson printers were not listed on the help pages, but they were listed at the corporate site, even though my version could not use them.

Adaptor Info

Stuck with an original classic? Bet you need an adaptor. Good Luck. Read IOM's info You really should consider getting the newer classic, but that is just my opinion.

Printer Cable

In the summer upgrade of 2000, WebTV™ had to cut things to fit the IM system into the box, one of the things we lost was having the printer's drivers in the box. We used to be able to select from a menu the printer (or the closest WTV had listed) that you owned.

Now everytime you print WebTV has to determine what driver is needed, this requires two way communication.

Do as WTV, and ALL four of the printer manufacturer's suggest and get the slightly more expensive bi-directional cable that George reccomended, on the page "printer's" above.

It _is_ the only other permanent part of your system, spending five or ten extra bucks for a Quality connection is worth the investment.

Manufacturer's Help Sites

Sidenote: while reading the manufacturer's help pages:

Hewlett Packard


Canon's FAQ pages for webtv and other internet appliance users.

Canon's new internet appliance home page

(these links may disconnect 2.55 or 2.4 users)


Cleaning The Epson Head
Epson Self Test


Lexmark Self Test
Wick the Print Nozzles
Could not find a clean cartridge page.

I noticed that with the Canon S450 and the 6000/6100 you CAN automatically Align the BJ Cartridges.

You can manually align the BJ cartridges on the S400 and 3000 Canon Printer's check out the Using Functions page for each model, Canon was allowed to give wtv'ers more options than HP in their help pages...(why?)
HP at this time does not provide help pages for their newest 900 series printers or the eprinter.(hmm, and these are \\$200.00 to $300.00 printers with no support???)

For a great, easy to understand series of articles on how Ink Jet Printers work, read How Stuff Works Ink Jet Printer To see how Epson printer's differ from HP/Canon printer's read Color Printer Head Technology from the links page after the articles....trying to be sneaky here, make you look at the articles:)

Be aware if you do call the 1-800-GOWEBTV help line, you are talking to employee's of Stream and not an employee of wtv, they have printed responses to most questions, and have no "hands on" wtv experience. From the press release, Stream will also be providing moderators for ng's.

This is an old wtv help site, that has a Printing Link:

Favorite Links

D&W's Links

Try the top link if the original link does not work

The BEST site for wtv printing links!.
But it isn't organized, you say!.
Dave and Willie, did the hard part in finding the links, you just have to learn how to navigate the site. Most current "links" sites are just this info organized better, use the original and best. Newly updated:) for better browsing by both wtv'ers and pc people.

Angel's Links
I was told waaay back when there were only 3 printing sites for wtv users, George's, Angel's and Hadoe's


The first really useful interactive site for wtv'ers.
I personally do not recommend giving one of the cards to "someone important" in your life. I did, once, and the message "what a cheap bastard" who didn't care "to send the very best", was sent by a pair of very upset eyes. Adapting a card for invites is great, though. As are the chart, sign, business card makers.

The following sites are by current posters to the printerhelp ng, who actually help, and do not just stop by the ng to post "updates" to their sites. If I missed some see Dell's link at bottom.


Remove the ad's for printing!!!

BigB This site is a must save, Thanks Elliot for creating it!

Ginnger's Cards
Not only cards, including sympathy, but also invitations

Jerry's Interactive Printing Tools

For interactive wtv printing sites this is it!! You almost have to check it every week, Jerry makes sites so quickly, with this you might very well say, who needs a pc! Jerry, thank you for being one of the most knowledgeable posters at the ng!

Dell's Envelope/Letterhead Maker

Donald R's Printing Links

Heart Here

Ming's Links

BigB's Flyer maker

A very attractive site that has a few more links is

For you Ink Cartridge re-filler's out there!
Here is a nice site by Jane that compares prices... Good luck, in keeping it up to date:)

take care,


eric, the LL

Other Printing Help Resources

Who else would know more about printers than the on-line sites that sell supplies to them? Read through these, even if you do not re-fill your cartridges. Do remember that you can only re-fill a cartridge four or five times (or less) and you will still have to buy a new one.

Learn the tooth pick trick, (typing carefully here:) see if the replacement ink is correct for your printer, does your cartridge use pigmented inks or dye based inks? ink info

Web Page Providers

You might as well face it anything free is going to screw you in the long run witness the troubles at tripod, the changes at geocities file editor, the inability to link to E-Mails from almost every provider....What should you do?? Might as well get that account going. Being unemployed right now I cannot afford it, otherwise I would be there in a flash.

50megs now has a no banner charge but wtv'ers can't use the file editors.

HTML Switch


to learn more.

I like this idea, to be able to disable incoming html in posts and E-Mails, I would actually like to see it taken a step further and remove the ability to have html in sigs at all, but I am a tad bit extreme. :)

The only printing web ring?

Thanks Ming, for creating this!!!

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